1st International Metaverse Congress on Sport Pathologies in Soccer

Meet with the best football medical teams in the world

5 days, two hours a day, you will be in touch with the directors of the best FIFA excellent centers in the world in a way that you could never imagine.

The metaverse allow us to join with people that are far away from us. In this meeting, clĂ­nica CEMTRO will bring us orthopaedic surgeons, physical therapists, medical directors and players that have developed and treatet different injuries during their professional life to tell us, face to face, how to deal with them

If you don't have virtual reality glasses, don't worry ! You can join and interact with any device

Join to the event with your favourite device

Virtual Reality


iOs / mac


Why in the metaverse?

Why do we do this?

Because the main purpose of the meeting is to collaborate and to create a proper ambient to share experiences and to speak freely. Other virtual meetings based on videocall platforms make difficult to talk with the speakers, but in the metaverse, the communication is much more easy and we will create an environment on which you will feel comfortable to talk to them as if they were close to you.

Because new technologies, are not just funny. They can improve the way we learn and the way we share expertise.

During 5 days, experts from all around the world will be sharing clinical expertise, clinical cases and personal experiences about more than 20 years treating the best football players in the world. We want to share it with you because knowledge must be shared to improve day by day.